Month: February 2015

Freshly made bread

I bake my gluten free bread in a lidded Pullman tin so it’s squared off. Makes it easier to cut off the crusts for finger sandwiches. I use a Japanese Tangzhong roux. Tangzhong means “soup”, and the technique was popularised by Yvonne Chen in her book, “Bread Doctor”, published in Taiwan in about 2003. You take part of the flour and water from the main recipe and cook it in a saucepan, then mix that back into the main dough to help keep it soft and tender. Ingredients: Dove’s Farm gluten free white bread blend.


Homemade scones, gluten free! Freshly baked on the day. Since I hail from California, baking powder biscuits are in my DNA but not scones. I have taken advice from my English friends – classic scones should be break-apart light, keep them simple – don’t add in extra ingredients like sultanas. Job done! Scone ingredients: gluten free flour blend, eggs. gluten free baking powder, salt, butter, margarine, buttermilk. Filling ingredients: served with clotted cream and strawberry jam, or butter and honey if you prefer!

Rum cakes

Cannelé bordelais. Bite size little rum cakes, crispy on the outside, rum-custardy on the inside. I first tasted these little beauties at the Balthazar Bakery in Covent Garden. And I’ve cracked how to make them gluten free! Ingredients: milk, butter, sugar, eggs, rum, vanilla, gluten free flour blend.

Lemon tarts

Homemade lemon filling nestled in a gluten free pastry crust. So excited to discover Alice Medrich. My pastry is adapted from her ‘Flavor Flours’ – cooking with ‘alternative’ flours and no added starches – that’s right, no tapioca, arrowroot, cornflower or potato starch. Pastry crust ingredients: oat flour, rice flour, sugar, eggs, salt, baking soda, butter, vanilla, cream cheese. Filling ingredients: lemons, eggs, sugar, butter. Chocolate sprinkles.